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Other features

The aim of the Features Project was to develop the criteria to distinguish morphosyntactic features (these are outlined on the 'Feature Inventory' page), and identify possible morphosyntactic features in natural language. All morphosyntactic features which have been identified in this way have their separate detailed entries in this Inventory. Additionally, I have created entries for the major morphosemantic features. If a morphosemantic feature you know of is not in the Inventory, it probably means that I have not yet had time to prepare the entry.

The construction of a Feature Inventory in this format was an idea and an endeavour that I undertook in addition to my main research tasks and other academic activities. It was envisaged as an extension to the Features Project, in the hope that it would be a welcome resource. I am keen to continue to maintain and develop it, if it meets with a positive response. I would be very happy to receive help in the preparation of new entries and updating the ones that I have started.

Here is a selection of the features I am going to tackle next:

  • Topic
  • Focus
  • Remoteness/Distance
  • Manner
  • Collectivity (a nominal feature)
  • Continuality (a verbal feature)
  • Inferentiality (a verbal feature)
  • Dependence (a verbal feature)
  • Version (a verbal feature)

I look forward to completing this Sisyphean task with your help!


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